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We’re Here When Things Go Wrong

If you have a pet emergency, please contact us immediately at +254 724 950 976. We can readily provide urgent care for your pets during regular business hours. After hours, please call the same number, leave a voice mail, and the on-call veterinarian will call you back.

We Expect The Unexpected

We hope that you’ll never need emergency pet services, but we’re here for you should the unexpected happen. Our compassionate, quick acting staff will do everything we can to assess, stabilize, and treat emergency situations. If possible, please call us ahead of time at +254-724-950976 so we can best prepare for your arrival.

Our Emergency Services Include:

Acute Illness Or Injury

Toxin Or Foreign Body Ingestion

Respiratory Distress

Collapse Or Seizures

Tips For Healthy Pet

What’s An Emergency?

Sometimes, it can be difficult to know what’s a pet emergency and what’s not.
If you’re concerned, then we are too! In general, emergencies include but are not limited to:
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