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Why It Matters

Worry-Free Pet Boarding

As much as we love to take our pets with us everywhere we go, there are some cases where that’s just not
an option. Heritage Animal Hospital provides the boarding services you need to make your trip stress-
free and your pets happy!

Their Home Away From Home

When you’re out of town, you can trust that the Heritage Animal Hospital team is here to provide a calm, comfortable, and secure home away from home for your pet. The fact that we’re also a medical facility means additional peace of mind—should problems arise with your pet while you’re out of town, they’re already right where they need to be and in good hands.

All boarders are required to be current on their vaccinations two weeks prior to their stay with us for their health and the health of other animals in our care. Give us a call today to discuss boarding and scheduling options for your pet!

Our Boarding Services Include:

Regular Walks And Play Time

Separate Areas For Dogs And Cats

Daily Medication Administration

Veterinary Supervision

Where Do You Think You’re Going?

Separation anxiety stinks—for both you and your pet! To help with separation anxiety in your pet,
gradually increase the amount of time that they spend home alone. When you do leave, make your exit
calmly and give them a high value treat as you head out the door to create positive associations, and try
to keep your demeanor calm and quiet upon your return. The goal is to make your pet see that it’s no
big deal when you come and go—and maybe they’ll even get a treat, too! If your pet has separation
anxiety, we’re ready to help!
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