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Thanks to our accreditations we can guide you through the whole process from your Kenyan
doorstep to your destination or vice versa. We have years of experience
and will assure your pet has a save journey. We offer door to door services,
movement permits, health certificates, airticket booking, blood tests,…
Moving alone is stressful enough. Let us take care of all of your pet’s needs.
Note that the process should start early as many countries request
anti-rabies tests which usually must be done latest three months to travel date.

Plan for your pet travel without stress…

Veterinary Health Certificate may be required to transport animals from one area to another. These pre-entry requirements help to ensure that the animals being moved do not carry illnesses or parasites that would be harmful to the people or animals that are in the destination area. In addition to meeting various physical health criteria and depending on the species, age, origin, destination, and purpose of travel, the animals to be moved may need to have certain tests, treatments, vaccinations, or other procedures done before they qualify for Veterinary Health Certificate.

The process may vary from simple to complex depending on the requirements of the destination. This resource is intended to assist animal owners with issues and questions on topics ranging from the basic requirements applicable to all animals to requirements that are specific to the kind of animal you have. Call us for more details

Comprehensive Microchipping Services

We help to organize pet and equine travel documents to enable them to travel to all parts of the world.

We take blood samples to international laboratories which carries out tests like rabies serology as part of the necessary mandatory tests needed before your pet can travel to some parts of the world.

We have collaborated with travel agents and aviation consultants to help relocate your pet and horses safely all around the world.

Where Your Pet's Safety Comes First

At Petvillevet, we understand that your pet’s safety is of utmost importance when it comes to travel, whether it’s within Kenya or internationally. Ensuring a seamless journey for your beloved animals requires compliance with various regulations, and obtaining a Veterinary Health Certificate is a crucial step in the process. This certificate is essential for transporting animals from one area to another, as it helps prevent the spread of illnesses or parasites. Our dedicated team prioritizes the well-being of your pets, guiding you through the pre-entry requirements, tests, treatments, vaccinations, and other necessary procedures. The complexity of the process depends on factors such as species, age, origin, destination, and purpose of travel. Rest assured, our goal is to make the entire experience safe and stress-free for both you and your cherished companions. Contact us for more details and embark on a journey where your pet’s safety comes first.
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